CommuniGate Pro
Version 5.4


The Chronos component is used to schedule and perform automatic tasks for CommuniGate Pro Accounts.

These tasks include:

In the CommuniGate Pro Dynamic Cluster environment, the Chronos component scheduler runs on the Cluster Controller, distributing the Chronos tasks to all available backend Servers.

Scheduled Tasks

Any CommuniGate Pro component can schedule a Chronos Task for a CommuniGate Pro Account. When a new Chronos Task is scheduled, the Account is placed into the Chronos process activation queue. At the scheduled time a Chronos processor thread opens the Accounts and performs the requested Task, re-scheduling the Account.

Configuring the Chronos Component

You can use the WebAdmin Interface to configure the Chronos component. Open the General pages in the Settings realm, then open the Others page:

Log Level:
Use this setting to specify the type of information the Chronos component should put in the Server Log. Usually you should use the Failure (unrecoverable problems only), Major (Chronos task completion reports), or Problems (failures, completion reports, and non-fatal errors) levels. When you experience problems with the Chronos component, you may want to set the Log Level setting to Low-Level or All Info: in this case the Chronos processing internals will be recorded in the System Log. When the problem is solved, set the Log Level setting to its regular value, otherwise your System Log files will grow in size very quickly.
The Chronos component records in the System Log are marked with the CHRONOS tag.

Mailbox Cleaning and Archiving

The Chronos component can automatically clean and archive the Account Mailboxes.

If the Archive Messages after Account setting is set to any value other than Never, then all messages from the INBOX and SentItem Mailboxes which are older than the specified time period are moved to the
Mailboxes, where YYYY is the year number and MM is the month number of the moved messages "internal date".
The SentItem Mailbox name is specified with the Account Preferences.

If the Delete Messages after Account setting is set to any value other than Never, all messages from all Account Mailboxes which are older than the specified time period are periodically deleted. This process does not apply to Mailboxes with a non-empty Mailbox Class - i.e. to Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and other non-mail Mailboxes.

The Archive Mailboxes created to copy INBOX and SentItem messages are created with a non-empty Mailbox Class.

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