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Konu: Welcome, and some administrivia
Tarih: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 20:31:13 -0400
Alacak: CWMM Developers Mailing List <cwmm-dev@2rosenthals.com>

Feel free to relocate the current compiling discussion from os2-dev to here, unless it makes more sense to keep it on os2-dev for reference by others not on this list.

Initial list members:


There is also a cwmm-users list. I would have asked Adrian to set these up at Gmane, but (par for the course), Gmane was down this afternoon. That kind of made up my mind.

I've also updated the wiki to refer to GPLv2 (all of the files I've been seeing have had GPLv2 headers, despite Chris' subsequent assertion that if one needs a license for another purpose to contact him).

I've been working on the help documents which has (as usual) led to a number of discoveries and new tickets, mainly as a scratchpad for what we night want to consider fixing in the future. Some of the EN help even had DE text in them (oh, well).

I've made my help file commits and the fixed CDDB.INI to the v2.9 branch.


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