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Subject: READMEs, licenses
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 12:32:57 -0400
To: CWMM Developers Mailing List <>

We seem to have the following readme files (and fragments) in the v2.9 branch:

These seem to be older versions:

classes_chris_names/doc_and_inst/eng/_Readme.eng (same as classes/doc_and_inst/eng)
classes_chris_names/doc_and_inst/eng/Readme.eng (older content than classes/doc_and_inst/eng)
classes_chris_names/doc_and_inst/ger/Readme.ger (older content than classes/doc_and_inst/ger)

These seem to be newer (referencing 2003/2005 copyrights vs 2002, and referencing the "main" readme in the root of the installation package):

classes/doc_and_inst/eng/_Readme.eng (same as classes_chris_names/doc_and_inst/eng; older content than Readme.eng)
classes/doc_and_inst/eng/Readme.eng (newer ENG content; includes INI setting references)
classes/doc_and_inst/ger/Readme.ger (newer GER content; includes INI setting references)

classes/mm-progs/_MMBROWSE/README (IBM file; should be removed per ticket #15)
install-global/eng/Readme.1st (newest ENG content; excludes INI settings references; includes history)
JPGPROC/Readme.txt (BSD-like license; uses GBM, which is PD)
mediafolder/bin/Readme.txt (refers to proper usage of case-sensitive cp - no user content; seems like build notes)
mediafolder/doc/Readme.eng (excludes mention of MP3/Ogg; includes basic install instructions; history to 0.2.2)
mediafolder/doc/Readme.eng.full (includes mention of MP3/Ogg; includes different install instructions; history to 0.2.1)
mediafolder/doc/Readme.ger (on par with Readme.eng)
slide-show/Readme.txt (BSD-like license; refers to using included script to create WPS object for exe)

I suggest we merge the latest content from each of these into a single document for localization, and put that in install-global/eng.

License in install-global/eng includes Chris' rant against whiners. I recommend that per ticket #1, we replace this with a notice outlining what is GPL and what is not, with exceptions being BSD-like, and containing separate license information. We can include a copy og the GPLv2 in this directory, as well.

Further, I'd like to propose that before we get too far into localization, we standardize on 2-letter language abbreviations, thus changing eng and ger to en and de, where these occur.


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