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Subject: Re: [cwmm-dev] Compiling cwwm
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 23:22:20 -0700
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In <>, on 07/30/20
   at 07:32 PM, "Dave Yeo" <> said:


>OK, I was getting some missing defines or typedefs that seemed to be in

Based on what you discuss below, I suspect your problems is mostly your
choice to use a version VAC of unknown provenance.  Sounds like a gigo
issue to me.

I recommend you discuss your toolchain problem with Lewis.  He might be
able to help you acquire better versions of VAC and toolkit.

>I basically used the makefile command line. Perhaps I should try yours.

I doubt it will solve any of the errors you are seeing.  I could have used
the makefile command lines and gotten the same results.  As I mentioned,
it was just easier to tweak the command lines to be more 4OS2 friendly and
to generate all the files I wished to inspect.

>> What does this mean?  Did you or did you not get a warning run running sc
>> for cwimage.idl?
>sc -shh -I ./idl/idl_image -S128000 -dinclude -m noqualifytypes
>"idl/idl_image/cwimage.idl", line 57: warning: Non-portable "int" will
>be generated in emitter files.

So you get the same warning for any use of int.  At least the warnings are

>Possibly different fixes applied? Winworld does have an ISO of version
>3, perhaps I need to start over?

The pristine VAC 3.0 was pretty buggy.  Even 3.08 had issues.  Recally
that back when Mike Kapley was building Mozilla, IBM needed to make some
fixes to the toolchain so that Mike could get some work sone.

>Most of the syslevels seem to point at
>version 3.08 except the som ones I mentioned above and a weird one,

Yes, this issue just another oddity of your VAC setup.  I don't have
anything like this.


"Steven Levine" <>  Warp/DIY/BlueLion etc.

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