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Subject: Environment?
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 21:40:43 -0800
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So I've been playing again with this with no luck. Using the toolkit, there just seems to be a bunch of variables that aren't declared anywhere and reading the documentation, it seems that they should just work. No mention of needed headers etc. Trying to compile mediafolder fails with a bunch of errors starting with,
icc /G5 /Ge- /Gm+ /Gl  /O+ /Ss /Oc+ /Ol- /Q+ /DNO_ECS  /C+ -I./include -IK:/work/cwmmclasses/branches/v2.9/common_functions/include /Foobj/mediafolder.obj c/mediafldr/mediafolder.cpp
include\wpobject.hh(176:73) : error EDC3090: Syntax error - expected "type name" and found "PUSEITEM".
include\wpobject.hh(177:36) : error EDC3263: Syntax error - expected ";" or "," and found "*".

So PUSEITEM has not been declared, along with many more.
So this leads to wondering if I've set my environment up wrong.
Can someone review my vacppenv.cmd when they have time? It's basically taken from what the VACCP 3.08 install added to config.sys with adjustments to use the toolkit first.
ps cmd renamed to txt to keep Google happy.
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