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Subject: Re: [cwmm-dev] Compiling cwwm
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 20:11:20 -0700
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On 07/19/20 07:40 PM, Steven Levine wrote:
Yes, the first part of the compile involves generating quite a few hh
files out of idl files.
Some of these .idl files, such as wpdataf.idl, are part of the toolkit as
is wpdataf.h and wpdataf.xh.  Others such as wpdataf.hh are not, so you
need to generate them if your code needs them and it appears the cwmm
does.  The .hh files are used by code that uses the DTS interface.  See
the SOM Programming Guide in the toolkit for the details.

Yes, I have to look at the SOM Programming Guide. It's quite possible that wpdataf.hh uses different compile options then wpdataf.xh.
Chris seems to have had stuff scattered all over G: based on the hard coded paths I've found.

No sign of progfolder*
Perhaps this one got lost.  For now, comment anything that requires it out
of the build, which means don't build progfldr.dll/progfolder.dll.

For now, I'm trying make -k just haven't had much time/energy lately.

and wpdataf.hh seems to
be a system header
It's not.

as it is surrounded by <> and the only wpdataf.*
files I find are in the toolkit and no hh file.
wpdataf.h is provided by the toolkit, so it can be considered a system
header.  Keep in mind that the only thing that <> does is change the
include search order.  Whether or not a file is system header is somewhat
a matter of POV.

The lack of a wpdataf.hh is not a problem because none of the code
requires it, which explains why the make files don't create it.


All but those 2 are generated. I assume that progfolder.hh should be
generated from progfolder.idl or be referenced somewhere other then an
include line in the source.
We need to track down progfolder.idl, but that can happen in parallel with
getting everything else to build.

You might try turning off optimization and see if that works around the
compiler defect.

More reading up I need to do.

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