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Konu: Re: [cwmm-dev] Environment?
Tarih: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 16:00:52 -0800
Alacak: CWMM Developers Mailing List <cwmm-dev@2rosenthals.com>

On 02/19/21 03:51 PM, Andy Willis wrote:
I am not sure if you are further along or not as far as I am, will look
when I get home (expecting tomorrow).  Mine is stopped looking for some
emx sound header (which I expect will need a library).

I just used my old EMX install for now to get past that, with the intent of updating to the kLIBC GCC later. The library is https://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/dev/emx/contrib/mm4emx11.zip
Not too hard to switch over to the toolkit after.
I did have a weird issue where GCC 2.8.1 insisted on using wl.exe to link, which of course failed. IIRC, I temporarily moved wl.exe out of the PATH.
ps For the GCC part, my env setup is,
rem D=drive in which EMX is installed
set D=e
set BOOT=w:
set PATH=%D%:\emx\bin;%BOOT%\os2;%PATH%
set C_INCLUDE_PATH=%D%:/emx/include;g:/os2tk45/h
set CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=%D%:/emx/include;g:/os2tk45/h
set LIBRARY_PATH=%D%:/emx/lib
set EMXOMFLD_LINKER=w:\os2\link386.exe
set EMXOMFLD_RC=w:\os2\rc.exe

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