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Subject: Re: [cwmm-dev] CWMM testing so far with SMplayer and mplayer combined...
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2024 15:12:11 +0100
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On 18-02-24 02:44, Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:
On 02/17/24 08:30 pm, Roderick Klein wrote:

Been testing for a few hours and so far this seems to work pretty
well. It works as it says on tin. What is really great is that older
video's not supported by mplayer are played by MMOS/2. In this case an
MP4 file automatically gets an AVI icon and by putting MPLAYER and
SMPLAYER in the path MP4 opens and plays in a UI.

Will do more testing with converting files (JPG to PCX etc).
And playing audio files.

The question is how can we distribute MPLAYER and SMPLAYER with
ArcaOS. From my perspective this is not possible because off the
landmine with software patents related to audio and video codecs.
SMPlayer works with QT 4.

OS/2 VOICE could include an RPM in for SMPLAYER and
MPLAYER. But how can we make it EXTREMELY easy to install this in
ArcaOS. A link in readme file would not be sufficient from my
perspective. Any idea's.

AIUI, neither SMPlayer nor MPlayer is problematic to distribute, only
some of the codecs.

That is my concern. What codecs can we include and what we cannot include ?

Can we include the MP3 codec, I seem to remember we did not include in ArcaOS as we where not certain if we could. closed up shop. But how is that with other audio and video codecs ?

The orginal quickmotion and Windows 3.1 video codecs at the time we started on MMOS/2 for ArcaOS where removed as well because of possible patent issue's.

Why not:

1. Split the codecs out into their own package.

I am not an mplayer expert. But I just have a single mplayer exe file,
no codec directory with files. But if you split off the codecs what are you left with ?

2. Create an object in the Multimedia folder for a script to:
     1. add and enable the OS2VOICE repository to ANPM (prompting for
        credentials to be added to the configuration); and upon successful

Why not add it by default ? We do add, why not ?

     2. launch ANPM to retrieve the codecs package and install it[1]

If we did not want to distribute SMPlayer and MPlayer packages with
ArcaOS, we could simply add them to the list of packages to be retrieved.

What list ? I am missing this idea ?


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