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Subject: Re: [cwmm-dev] Proposed sync merge of TW localization into v2.9 branch
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2020 07:33:17 -0500
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On Wed, Jul 22, 2020, 01:05 Steven Levine <> wrote:
In <>, on 07/22/20
   at 01:06 AM, "Lewis" <> said:

Hi Lewis,

>Speaking of which... Are there enough loose makefiles floating around the
> repo? Egad. It seems that every language has a makefile for something
>which  could have been done with a single file a level or two above which
>was not  NLV-specific. Oh, well. It's a process.

This is exactly how the xwp repo does NLVs.  It's a style I prefer.  A
project that insists on doing everything from a single top-level makefile
is probably a project I'm not terribly interested in working on.

When I need to make a small change to some file in some subdirectory, I
prefer to be able to drop into the directory and type make and be done
with it.  I don't care to be forced to wait for a top-level make file to
figure out that 99% of the code does not need to be rebuilt.
This is my preference as well.

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