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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] Upload directory no longer ?
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 23:43:06 -0800
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In <>, on 02/22/15
   at 02:13 AM, "Lewis Rosenthal" <> said:


>I should check my server logs. I hope that Hawking didn't do it due to
>some misconfiguration in my mirror script (the law of unintended

That would be embarrasing.  :-)  Earthlink provides a subset of Urchin to
the free websites.  This allows me to see useful traffic statistics, but
I've got no visibility as to who is visiting the site.

The attack seems to be coming from a single visitor.  The daily visitor
count is pretty much constant.

>Yes, this is akin to DynDNS penalizing me for excessive DNS queries
>against the domain. What on earth am I to do about that?
>I can understand if regular traffic trends high, but when my normal
>count is below 300,000 queries per month, and it suddenly shoots to over
>1M, what am *I* supposed to do about it?

That's my feeling exactly.  It's also one of those issues where there is
no possibility getting useful assistance from the 1st level support.
Melisa was nice but useless.  She did not even have the authority to look
at my Urchin reports unless I provided the account login password which
struck me as rather stupid.  Of course that was not going to happen.  If I
have time on Monday, it's going to be a fun phone call.

>Indeed, which is why I kept the subject intact. It just doesn't help
>poor Al get his stuff uploaded to you.

Which reminds to that I should have reminded him that it's

  userid: upload2
  password: 4steven


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