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Subject: ThinkPad T43p and SCSI stuff for sale
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 16:21:45 -0500
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My trusty T43p gave up the ghost in the fall (it no longer switches mode when booting eCS) and I have a few accessories I no longer have a need for. Would anyone have a need for an Advanced Dock II 2877-10U or Thinkpad MiniDock 2878-10U? I have one of the former and two of the latter, all NIB. I also have the memory sticks, hard disk carrier, DVD-drive, power supply etc for the unit, the rest of the unit is also in good condition.

I would like to get $25 for each of the docks plus shipping.

I also have a variety of SCSI hard disks, from 1 GB to 18 GB, as well as SCSI CD-ROMs and DDS tape drives, including mounting hardware.

Last, but not least, I even have a PS/2 TV unit for sale.

If you are supporting any older installations, I might have matching hardware.

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