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Subject: Mantis plugin to change project user perms?
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 23:00:41 -0500
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Does anyone know of a mantis plugin to change user level to users (individually or en masse) at the project level?

Normally, when a user is created, he defaults to reporter (level 25). When assigning a user to a project, his level for that project may be assigned, and it may be greater than his global level (e.g., it is possible for a reporter to be assigned admin privs to a given project). However, once added to a project, the privs field becomes read-only in the Mantis admin area, and even when the user's global privs change, the project-specific level stays as it was originally set (for good reason).

I can change the privs manually from phpMyAdmin, but that's not the point of my request, here. I'd like a plugin to make these fields editable (without having to cobble one together myself). :-)


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