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I just installed the 9.11  Porsche  it does report ipv6 even in the OS2 command line The server is reporting ipv6 addresses, so I guess if the system is able to do with it it runs.  So far I have not seen any 100 CPU usage.  I will keep a close watch.  Thanks for all your effort.



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Hi Dan and Lewis,


In addition to Lewis's comments - as I recall - newer bind versions don't provide the options of disabling ipv6 support - so we need to provide enough stubs of ipv6 headers to let it compile and work.


I did this for openvpn (which similarly doesn't give an option to disable ipv6) - but ironically, it was this added header support that was causing the 100% cpu usage with Bind 9.11.x.


For the above reasons, I focussed on maintaining 9.11.x as this is EOL December 2021 - which gives us plenty of time to come up with a solution for the next ESV version.






On Tue, 14 Jul 2020 at 02:05, Lewis G Rosenthal <> wrote:

Hi, Dan...

On 07/13/20 12:01 pm, Dan Napier wrote:
> Hello Friends
> Did I miss something, I seem to be way ahead of the curve.  Running 9.12.4   I am not a Math Major, so I might be wrong, but isn’t 9.11.20 a lower rev?
> 9.12.4 seems to run dandy, reports ip4 and ip6 addresses, does not hog cpu.  Did I do something wrong?

As you will note here:

9.11 is an ESV (Extended Service Release). 9.11.20 is indeed newer than 9.12.4.

BIND 9.12.4 was a maintenance release, specifically to address issues
disclosed in CVE-2018-5744, CVE-2018-5745, and CVE-2019-6465.

9.11.20, OTOH, addresses all security issues up through CVE-2020-8619:

Not every higher version number necessarily denotes a *newer* or more secure
one. 9.12 was a development branch; 9.11 is a stable one.

9.16 is current, and will eventually become an ESV (I believe), so at some
point, that should become our target.


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