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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] [BULK] [eCS-ISP] Bind 9.11.20
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2020 11:29:39 +0200
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Il 16/07/2020 09:19, Steven Levine ha scritto:
In <>, on 07/14/20
    at 08:35 PM, "Massimo S." <> said:

Hi Massimo,

i'm always ready :)

As I say, we live in a multi-verse. :-)

Perhaps you can explain to one or more of these worlds why ticket #709 has
been sitting there since July 7th awaiting action by you.  While not quite
stale, I suspect the ticket is feel rather lonely and ignored.



i've realized now why it seems ignored

reading your answer on this ML i've openened the web page of ticket 709 and i've seen that there is a new post of 8th july

issue: i didn't receive the email notification from mantis

i didn't know about it


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