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Data: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 16:37:49 -0500
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On 01/22/20 02:39 pm, Massimo S. wrote:
Hi Ian,

thanks a lot for answering

Il 22/01/2020 17:44, Ian Manners ha scritto:
Hi Massimo,

As posted at

goto <>
I say go here as a means to try to get data on your connection.

What does it say your "RWIN Scaling (RFC1323) = 2 bits (scale factor:
2^2=4)" is?

and what value does it give for "Unscaled TCP Receive Window"?

"Unscaled TCP Receive Window" is important because this
maybe the maximum tcpswinsize/tcprwinsize values you that
you will be able to use if a multiple does not fit in or under
the OS/2 maximum of 246723. Putting a number in without
it being a proper multiple will result in retransmits.

What you are looking for is a MULTIPLE that fits, the size of RWIN is not

overly important for us. Ignore the bandwidth * delay product for now. If

ok, in the next days i will post data

you are interested you can find more information on that by searching for

RFC1323 and having a read.

Feel free to post everything in the window from that webpage
in the "Share Your Results" box.

i will be forced to move my firewalls from eCS (or AOS in the future)
to applicances :(

If you no longer have faith in the platform, then please switch. Just because you pose a question and nobody has any substantive answers, why do you *always*, *always* make statements like this? Is this supposed to "make us respond" somehow? Please stop whining. It's very annoying, Max.

If you want to get the full speed of your line, you may not
have any other choice.

Life would be easier if we had TCP/P Autotune like Linux has
but we do not :)


"...Life would be easier if we had TCP/P Autotune like.."

what i need is a firewall that support connections of 30, 50 and 100 Megabit/sec, is this possible?

Yes, assuming the backhaul supports 100Mbps.

If you insist upon running the firewall on the same server as everything else, expect some contention. That's a fact of life. The busier the system is processing other data, the longer the delay will be to inspect packets, etc. Likewise, the busier the firewall daemon is, the less processor time will be available for other tasks.

e.g. here i've 2 servers on a 100Megabit/sec full granted
one do 2,5MegaBytes/sec of download and that's no good
but the other (same harwdare & os & drivers) do 7MegaBytes/sec*
of download that's is sufficient for a 100Megabit/sec
(since my office is quite far from the FTTC cabinet)

You've said that. Many times. Check hardware, cables, intervening switches (even the same switch can do different things with different ports; intelligent switches can do some traffic shaping and prioritize one VLAN over another, and unintelligent switches can have bad ports).

In short, if everything is identical (software, configuration, driver & software versions) *inside* the box, then the problem is either with the hardware itself or something external. Repeating the problem here over and over is not going to get you a magic answer, sorry. This isn't rocket science. Think like a packet. What would slow you down?

*i still have to understand why the other server is slow in download datarate :(

Bad hardware?

Try another NIC?

Test without *anything* else running on the box?

Test with the *same* cable (swap between machines)?

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