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Oggetto: Re: [eCS-ISP] yum update issue
Data: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 16:49:52 -0700
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In <>, on 03/29/21
   at 01:08 AM, "Massimo S." <> said:


>my ANPM is in italian,

That's expected.

>that's is the reason why i explain the error and

This would be fine if you understood enough to actually explain the error
in a way that would allow others to help you.  I don't expect this
because, if this was the case, you would most likely be able to solve the
issue on your own.

Unlike Dan, my Italian is pretty much non-existant, but in most cases the
Itailian in the output is irrelevant when it comes to understanding a
given problem.  For example, in the case of the yum list output which was
mostly Italian, all I needed to see to know what the problem was was the
i386 reference.

If I need something translated, I will use google or ask for a
translation.  This will rarely be needed because most of this kind out
output is both pretty simple and rather consistent in construction.

>also eCSISP don't accept attachments
>so i can't send a screenshot

You can always send screenshots privately and reply to the list, but this
has been stated many times.

FWIW, in most cases, I can figure out what most of this kind of output
means without understanding Italian.  When I see "Pacchetti installati" in
some output I know it means "Installed Packages" because that is what it
is in the English output.  This is more like word substitution than


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