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On 03/28/21 06:26 pm, Steven Levine wrote:
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    at 01:11 AM, Massimo Sangriso consulente informatico
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since that ridicolous ML (in 2021 is ridicolous, sorry)

Ridiculous, eh? <ahem>

You need to discuss this with Lewis.

eCS-ISP, like all other lists hosted on the server, supports plain text and HTML posts up to 3MB in size (this includes attachments). As always, a quick PM to me advising of a problem attaching something would be prudent. (Of course, if anyone thinks this list is "ridiculous," he is welcome to unsubscribe instead of reporting a problem; that's fine, too. This list is free - as in beer *and* as in speech.)

in the ticket i don't see any grep download link
And there never will be.  There will only be links to items that I

What part of "check if grep is avalable via ANPM" is not obvious to you?

What part of "install grep with ANPM" is not obvious to you?

FWIW, a proper install of ANPM would have installed grep.exe for you when
it installed rpm-yum bootstrap.

Yes, grep has been part of the bootstrap for several years, now.

If grep.exe now installed?  If not, something went wrong with you ANPM

One would think, unless there was a remnant of a YUM/RPM base on the system and we didn't recognize it as being in need of a bootstrap.

If you still not using ANPM to install the Netlabs supplied components, oh

So true.

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