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On 03/28/21 09:40 pm, Steven Levine wrote:
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    at 09:52 PM, "Lewis G Rosenthal" <> said:

Hi there,

Typo alert.  I meant to type:

FWIW, the bootstrap required check could be a bit more robust.  The
current code only checks for the existance of python.exe and yum.exe, but
the test will pass even if the executables cannot run.

Recall that the bootstrap check is only to ensure that a YUM/RPM subsystem exists. If it does, and something is broken, the bootstrap install has no provision for fixing/removing/replacing/preserving an existing (though broken) \usr tree. Enhancing this feature would actually imply implementing some type of repair facility, which we have heretofore resisted (favoring instead a standalone fix-it tool).

If a good argument could be made that this should be part of ANPM's initial run process, I'm sure we'd reconsider, but it would have to be convincing. There is potentially a lot of heavy lifting to be done in this case, unless we wipe and install fresh. Perhaps the wiki needs a new page concerning the nuclear option. I've really tried to avoid the subject, but I guess there are times when the elephant gun approach is simply the shortest distance between the two points (non-functional -> functional).

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