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Data: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 20:15:07 -0700
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In <>, on 03/28/21
   at 11:05 PM, "Lewis G Rosenthal" <> said:

Hi again,

>Recall that the bootstrap check is only to ensure that a YUM/RPM
>subsystem  exists.

This might the goal, but IMO, this is not what it actually does.  It
checks for the presence of two executables which may or may not run and
which may or may not be in the \usr tree.

I'm not advocating for any kind of repair option.  The vast majority of
ANPM installs run just fine and the current repair facilities seem to get
the job done.

What I might find useful, in rare cases, is a /BOO command line option to
force a bootstrap install when the user has put the system into a state
that manages to fool ANPM bootstrap check.

In Massimo's case he corrected the platform selection and probably has
installed enough packages correctly by this time so that there's no longer
any real need to force a bootstrap install.

>Perhaps the wiki needs a
>new page concerning the  nuclear option.

The content is pretty much already there although some consolidation might
help.  What's missing IIRC is some discussion of when forcing a bootstrap
is the best option and what the user should try before forcing the

>I've really tried to avoid the
>subject, but I guess there  are times when the elephant gun approach is
>simply the shortest distance  between the two points (non-functional ->

I understand, but is it a better solution to write it once or have to
write it multiple times in support tickets or one some mailing list.

In truth the reason you have been able to avoid documenting it in th wiki
is that it is rarely required.  For some reason it seems that user's need
to reinstall the OS more often than they need to recover just the
ANPM/rpm/yum controlled content.


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