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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] links in the ticket
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 10:48:01 +0200
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Il 29/03/2021 04:52, Lewis G Rosenthal ha scritto:

On 03/28/21 06:26 pm, Steven Levine wrote:
In <>, on 03/29/21
    at 01:11 AM, Massimo Sangriso consulente informatico
<> said:


since that ridicolous ML (in 2021 is ridicolous, sorry)

Ridiculous, eh? <ahem>

please ignore it
just a moment of frustration due to some yum/rpm/anpm and such issue on a system of mine
and it was very late in the night here..

that comment was in private mail and it's not allowed to fwd private mails to other ppl
or even worst to public mailing lists without the permission of the author
this is terrible and i don't understand why Steven did it
he could at least forward the email without comments..

anyway sorry and please forget that stuff that's not useful to anyone



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