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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] links in the ticket
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 16:37:44 -0700
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In <>, on 03/29/21
   at 03:47 PM, "Lewis G Rosenthal" <> said:


>And what would that do in practice? Assuming the system has:


>would we download the bootstrap, unlock all files in those directories,
>delete them, and then unzip the bootstrap before prompting for a reboot?

Pretty much, although I would do the delete after the unzip and would only
delete executable files that were not in the bootstrap and whatever can be
safely deleted from the cache directories.  This would lose less of the
users prior configuration and the retained files are unlikely to break

I would probably also help the user help themselves by saving copies of
the .rep files and secure.rep and yum.log and exported.yum and such just
in case they were needed after the bootstrap is installed and overlaid
their customized versions.

I'd be fine with a standalone script for this, but given that a large
number of our users are command line challenged, doing it from ANPM seemed
to be a better solution for them.  Along these lines, rather than a
command line /BOO option, this probably should be an ANPM menu option with
3 or 4 are you sure prompts. :-)

>Because re-bootstrapping is potentially a destructive operation, we need
>to  be clear as to what we're doing and why. Perhaps the reason that yum
>might  not be working is that yum.conf is broken; re-bootstrapping
>becomes great  overkill.

Which is why it would be documented as the last item in

with plenty of warnings as to what to expect and perhaps with a suggestion
to submit a ticket first.

>I'm just playing devil's advocate.

I understand.

>That would be my guess. Not many current packages are in the i386 repo.

Well, not quite yet.  He still has a broken grep, probably because he
copied grep.exe from elsewhere.  An ANPM install of the package should fix
this up.

The good news is that he has gotten far enough that the debugger starts
properly.  Once he gets all the scripts updated to the most recent
versions from 2020 (don't ask), he should be ready to try to replicate the
100% usage issue under the debugger.

>Roger that. That's an item for the troubleshooting page.

See above. :-)

>I just don't want to encourage the nuclear option as a *first* resort
>rather  than a *last* resort, as people will invariably lose
>configuration data or  package combinations due to lack of
>thorough/current backups...and then  blame the messenger.

See the above.

BTW, I think it would be better if the page title was "Package Manager
Troubleshooting.".  Just "Troubleshooting" is a bit to generic for my
taste, especially when I have multiple troubleshooting pages open at the
same time.


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