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Konu: Re: [eCS-ISP] Injoy FW 4.2.2 and download datarates (connection speed) the eternal mistery :)
Tarih: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:54:17 -0700
Alacak: "eCS ISP Mailing List" <ecs-isp@2rosenthals.com>

In <list-2021085@2rosenthals.com>, on 06/17/21
   at 08:25 AM, "Massimo S." <ecs-isp@2rosenthals.com> said:

Hi Massimo,

>on one machine  # 18 Jun 2020 13:21:02
>on one machine  # 22 May 2014 13:49:54
>on the other machines  # 14 Dec 2018 21:06:18

These dates mean nothing to me.  As you already know only bldlevels and
md5sums have any chance of being 100% accurate.

The most recent build I am aware of is:

 9-26-18   9:57         144,548      0  fxwrap.sys

Signature:       @#bww bitwise works GmbH:4.2#@##1## 26 Sep 2018 18:47:53    
ECS72420218::en::2::@@NDIS Wrapper Vendor:          bww bitwise works GmbH
Revision:        4.02
Date/Time:       26 Sep 2018 18:47:53
Build Machine:   ECS72420218
Language Code:   en
File Version:    4.2.2
Description:     NDIS Wrapper

f74a377352fa7190d71f176bae9d8907 *fxwrap.sys

This has a trap E fix I did back in 2016 and should have some performance
improvements implemented by Lars.  Do you have anything that is actually
newer and, if so, where did it come from?

I know Lars has done some additional work, but I have not kept up on what
has been released to the public.


"Steven Levine" <steve53@earthlink.net>  Warp/DIY/BlueLion etc.
www.scoug.com www.arcanoae.com www.warpcave.com

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