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Subject: PHP updates
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2021 09:55:31 +0930
To: eCS ISP Mailing List <>, Apache HTTP Server for OS/2 <>

Hi All,

Thanks to Steven and dmik, I now have a testfix to libcx, and newer PHP versions seem to be working OK with apache 2.4.x

Note: I have no plans to make builds of these available for apache 2.2.x - apache 2.2 was made end of life some years ago, so updates make no sense.

The recommended apache2 2.4.x build at this time is:

The available test versions of PHP are:

Note: the libcx test fix from is required for these builds.

I've (minimally) tested wordpress 5.8 and mantis with these builds.

phpmyadmin seems to have some issues, I can login, but there are some errors I need to work through - to be honest - I'm not sure if these are configuration related, bugs with the PHP port, or both.

Any and all feedback appreciated.



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