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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] wget issue
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 14:09:37 -0700
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In <>, on 08/21/21
   at 07:42 PM, "Massimo S." <> said:

Hi Massimo,

>Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001
>(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001
>Signature:       @#bww bitwise works GmbH:0.7#@##1## 2021-07-30 20:58:27    
>noVendor:          bww bitwise  works GmbH
>Revision:        0.07
>Date/Time:       2021-07-30 20:58:27
>Build Machine:   novator
>File Version:    0.7.1
>Description:     kLIBC Extension Library

You are still running Dmitriy's test build.  You need to install the new
version from netlabs-exp.

 8-16-21  13:09          65,099    124  libcx0.dll

Signature:       @#bww bitwise works GmbH:0.7#@##1## 2021-08-17 00:09:39    
novator::::1::@@kLIBC Extension Library Vendor:          bww bitwise works
Revision:        0.07
Date/Time:       2021-08-17 00:09:39    
Build Machine:   novator
File Version:    0.7.1
Description:     kLIBC Extension Library

54aac29ab3bd9ed4f288d32be80a4407 *libcx0.dll

Don't forget to update libcx-debuginfo too.

[d:\tmp]yum --noplugins --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=netlabs-exp list
libcx-* Installed Packages
libcx.i686                             0.7.1-1.oc00                  
installed libcx-debuginfo.i686                   0.7.1-1.oc00                  
installed libcx-devel.i686                       0.7.1-1.oc00                  

You don't need to install libcx-devel.


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