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Konu: Re: [eCS-ISP] PHP Security Releases
Tarih: Sun, 6 Mar 2022 08:24:39 +1030
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On 5/3/22 22:57, Massimo S. wrote:
Il 22/02/2022 21:17, Paul Smedley ha scritto:

Other fixes since 7.4.27/8.0.15/8.1.2 are:
- gd now supports jpg & freetype (and in theory, webp)
- binary uploads are now working

I still need to investigate David's crashes with 8.1.x, and I think there was also a request for some additional modules.


hi all,

i tried 8.1.3 on the webmail server (roundcube) with just 2 https virtual hosts

by simply opening in the browser the 2 webmail home-pages apache crashed and
even left a child *unkillable*
so that i had to setboot/b the server (and of course re-install php 7.4.28)

the crash didn't produce any entry in the popuplog.os2 or exceptQ dump of any kind
Do  you  bother to  read  any  of  the messages on  the apache2 mailing list?  You should  know that David  already reported issues  with 8.1.3...

And  that I posted  an update that resolves  at least one issue.



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