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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] IJ FW 4.2.2 ICMP not working
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 16:30:49 +0200
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Il 26/08/2022 21:47, Steven Levine ha scritto:
In <>, on 08/26/22
    at 07:38 AM, "Massimo S." <> said:

Hi Massimo,

on the FW server i can ping everything on the internet

In your original message you said:

"i've a setup of Injoy FW 4.2.2 (it also use IPSEC tunnel VPNs) that
refuse to ping outside servers."

This conflicts with the above.  Do you mean that the "other" client
system(s) cannot ping outside servers?  Exactly how do these "other"
system connect to the firewall server?


Injoy FW PC is the default gateway of the lan


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