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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] IJ FW 4.2.2 ICMP not working
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2022 16:52:14 +0200
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Il 31/08/2022 02:32, Steven Levine ha scritto:
In <>, on 08/29/22
    at 04:31 PM, "Massimo S." <> said:

Hi Massimo,

Injoy FW act as default gateway for the lan
i believe (i never tried) that turning it OFF PCs and servers do not see
anymore the internet

This will depend on your command line options for fxwrap.sys.

What Roderick means by turn it off is turn ijfw off in a way so that ijfw
has no effect on internet traffic.


i don't know how to do that


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