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Subject: Re: [mysql-os2] MySQL 5.6.46
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2022 11:59:27 +0200
To:, eCS ISP Mailing List <>

Hi Paul,

should be possible to build Mysql or 5.7.38 or at least 5.6.51?

which is best for use with php 7.4.x?
any suggestion?

thanks a lot


Il 26/10/2019 10:12, Paul Smedley [mysql-os2] ha scritto:
Hi All,

based on my patches to MySQL 5.5, I updated the source to 5.6.46 and
OS/2 binaries are available from

This is very lightly tested, but so far at least, appears to work OK.

Not sure how many people are still running MySQL on OS/2?



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