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Subject: Re: [eCS-ISP] Fwd: Early Announcement of Sophos UTM and SG Series Lifecycle Milestones
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Sophos does not exist anymore for me
i don't know how many sysadmin could you such stuff


Il 06/02/2023 18:58, Lewis Rosenthal ha scritto:
Thought this might be of some interest.

I'm not even clear on how a firewall product functions from a remote location, but I have no interest in any cloud-hosted solutions for anything. I'll Either wait and see if any of the guys get together to bundle the OSS portions of Astaro into a new package or will consider pfSense as a replacement (unless Sophos has a longer term commitment to XGS).

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Subject: Early Announcement of Sophos UTM and SG Series Lifecycle Milestones

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Early Announcement of Sophos UTM and SG Series Lifecycle Milestones

End-of-Sale date does not apply to Sophos UTM on AWS

Dear Partner,

Since the acquisition of Astaro in 2011, Sophos UTM has played a pivotal role in our success and in that of our partners, paving the way for our firewall business today with over 600,000 installations.

In combination with the SG Series hardware, Sophos UTM has won countless awards, and sat solidly as a Leader for seven consecutive years in the now-retired Gartner Magic Quadrant for UTM.

But the firewall market has changed. Unified Threat Management as a concept has taken on a new form, first with the transition to Next-Generation Firewalls, and now the shift to more hybrid environments where everything is cloud-ready and APIs and services bring together on-premises and cloud infrastructures, systems, and threat intelligence. Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE, is evolving as an ecosystem in which the firewall is just one important element.

Sophos Firewall is ideally positioned to take us forward on this path. With management in Sophos Central and seamless integration with other products, such as Sophos Managed Detection and Response, it has evolved to become the firewall of choice for many new and existing customers. The latest XGS Series hardware, and the most recent releases and architecture changes, have accelerated our platform to new levels, making Sophos Firewall not only an ideal choice for our UTM/SG customers, but also to continue our journey to excellence in network security.

This communication is to provide partners with advance notice of the lifecycle milestones for Sophos UTM and the SG Series hardware which will come into effect later this year.

At this time, Sophos UTM on AWS is explicitly excluded from these changes.

Product Description                                         Milestone                                         Date                                         Migration Path

Sophos UTM
All versions except Amazon Web Services                                         End-of Sale
Final order date for all new and 3-year renewal subscriptions only
June 30, 2023                                         Sophos Firewall OS

SG Series
Hardware appliances - all revisions
Sales for as long as stock lasts
Or until further notice                                         June 30, 2023                                         Sophos Firewall and XGS Series
SG Migration offer

Sophos UTM                                         Final order date for 2-year renewal subscriptions and accessories                                         June 30, 2024                                         Sophos Firewall OS

Sophos UTM                                         Final renewal
Final order date for 1-year and 1-month renewal subscriptions                                         June 30, 2025                                         Sophos Firewall OS

Sophos UTM
SG Series
End of support
June 30, 2026
Subscription terms must not extend beyond this date.
Sophos Firewall OS

Sophos UTM on AWS                                         No change                                         No change                                         n/a

Sophos Firewall has benefited from the constant feedback and deep knowledge of the Sophos UTM community, and we hope to continue that dialogue with you and your customers.

Existing customers can continue to use the product until the end of support and end-of-life in mid-2026, and can renew their contract up to that date, but not beyond. An SG Migration offer is available in most regions with attractive discounts for both hardware and software for existing SG customers who move over to Sophos Firewall and the XGS Series. While we would highly recommend that you do a fresh installation as part of any migration, our free Migration Desk can provide support during the configuration migration process. Further information is available from your local Sophos team or on the Partner Portal.

In the coming weeks, we plan to send an email reminder to all partners and also to inform customers of these lifecycle dates. We also plan to publish some frequently asked questions and provide further resources.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Sophos team, should you have any immediate questions or requests.

Kind regards,
Your Sophos Team


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