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Sorry for the late follow-up; busy weekend...

On 01/24/20 08:06 pm, Al Savage wrote:

On 1/24/20 3:45 PM, Al Savage wrote:
On 1/24/20 2:32 PM, Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:
Hi, guys...

On 01/24/20 02:39 pm, Andy Willis wrote:
On Fri, Jan 24, 2020, 1:19 PM Al Savage <
<>> wrote:

    Is what you're discussing some variation of what I'm doing with
$15/year <> and a free Debian IP updater client?  Or
    something else?

Sounds like the same thing.  I've not needed it before but knew
Lewis now is a reseller for godaddy and if I am going to buy a
service, I figured to check that route first.  I want my router to
do it as it will handle it at each IP change.

Al: Yes, exactly.

Like Max, I also used your link to SSL Labs, and found I was overdue
to remove TLSv1.0 & 1.1: done.  Since I use LE, that required
commenting/pasting in two files instead of one.  TG for the internet,
I didn't have to search long to find that fix.

Also my memory of what I've been paying dyn for DDNS was off by nine
years: I last paid $15/yr. in 2011; today, it's almost $50/yr.

That's more like it, yes.

Also, Dyn's standard DNS service doesn't even support CAA records,
and these are now (since 2017 or so) considered *required* for any
domain to pass muster. GoDaddy actually *does* support CAA records
and it's entirely free if your domain is registered either through

I have "Pro" (I think I had too many domains to use Std. anymore), but
I just spent a fruitless ten minutes trying to determine the
differences between Std. & Pro, and from what I can see, there is no
Std. pkg. these days: it's all Pro, and at the rate I'm currently paying.

It seems that dyn only offers DDNS Pro for new accounts, but the Std is
still an option when logging in.  Either logged in, or not, there is NO
mention of Standard DDNS anymore.

Yes, I have a Pro account also, but they call the service Standard DNS (vs Managed DNS). They also consider that (Standard DNS) to be a "home user" offering (strange, when one has 20+ zones configured there).

Once you log into the account, then you may select DynDNS Pro under "My Services" - no, it makes no sense at all. I think "Pro" only means (meant?) the level of tech support afforded and perhaps limits on the number of DDNS hosts you could have. I was an early Dyn adopter, and have one perpetually free Pro account and another for which I pay an annual fee (and I have to ask myself why, at this point). Things started changing at Dyn before the Oracle acquisition, but now, Oracle is bent on migrating all Standard DNS customers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Some infor on this is available here:

(They consider us "E-commerce" customers vs "Enterprise" - la-di-da.)

Yes, I'm really getting "done" with them - in a hurry, now.

SSL Labs confirms no CAA for my domains. Well, I guess my sites don't
pass muster in 2019, but I can't say I'm terribly stressed about it.
These days, I barely pay any attention to them, unless someone emails
with a complaint, which is darned rare.  If a CA issues my cert to
someone else, I guess I'll deal with the situation then.

Full disclaimer: GoDaddy's DNS *has* had issues in the past and is
nowhere near the robust implementation of Dyn. That said, again, it's
free, and sometimes, free is pretty good.

Yeah, at $50/year, maybe I'd be tempted to spend a couple of hours
moving to a robust, free solution, but I won't, because it's not
broken enough to motivate me these days.

More reading, and see that that Pro does not support CAA records
(; only the Managed DNS
account do, and that is a Cloud service billed by 1M queries per billing
period and I can't fathom what that would cost in terms of real money.

Exactly. It's a dumb business model IMO, and one which is bound to cause many small businesses to go elsewhere (because honestly, sometimes "free" really *is* a good deal).

That's where my ambition ran out.  Now I understand the GoDaddy hosting
& DNS allure.


To address your earlier mention:

The problem with GoDaddy, then, is that nobody, but nobody has a packaged updater script either *in* a broadband router device or as part of a configurable updater for Java or whatever (think INADYN).

Do you mean: no updater script *for GoDaddy's DDNS*?

Correct, because GoDaddy isn't a traditional/real/expected DDNS provider.

I recently flashed my router to dd-wrt, and while its DDNS wiki entry doesn't list GoDaddy explicitly, it does offer a "Custom" selection that looks reasonably flexible.

Yes, the dd-wrt firmware is great. I've never tried to configure it for updating GoDaddy's DNS, however, even with the custom option. You can also configure your own shell script and set that up to push the script at system start to cron.d to run, say, every few minutes to check if the IP has changed and send an update if that's the case. Still, it's nicer if the built-in client can do it.

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