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In <>, on 10/11/23
   at 10:00 AM, "Massimo S." <> said:

Hi Massimo,

>Steven, sorry, but noone asked for this info on Mantis

Massimo you have been running OS/2 for a while and have submitted several
Mantis tickets.  You know the drill.  We have told you more than once the
data an exceptq report must contain.

You will have to excuse me if there are times I get bored answering the
same questions over and over and asking for the same data over and over.

While I no longer work full time, I have many interests to occupy my time.
 I am more than willing to help you where I can, but you need to help
yourself first.

>yes, but he said that maybe there is some workaround
>elsewhere we are all fuc$ed no more softwares will run on our platform

That is not how I read Paul's response.

>if you mean this:

>"You can edit the ClamAV init script (int /etc/init.d/ to add the command
>ulimit -m amountofram. It will limit the possibility of ClamAV and you
>will probably swap which will probably slow down your whole  system."

No, I didn't.  This is a solution to a different problem on a different
platform.  The OP's platform had had plenty of address space, but limited
physical memory.  ulimit applied to the the daemon would leave more
phyical RAM for other processes at the cost of making the daemon swap and
use a few more CPU cycles.

The links of interest are those that comment of ClamAV's high memory use
in general and what the ClamAV team is trying to do to address this.

>about freshclam i can't understand the issue to download updates from the
>internet and place them in a local dir eg. like sanesecurity does with

There are links that explain how to do this for systems that cannot run
freshclam for one reason or another.  Let's us know if they work.

If the the database is still too large for clamscan to accept, we can
think about what kind of workarounds might be available.  However, this is
not something I plan on spending time on until it is confirmed that the
issue you have is not a porting issue with a simple fix.

>they all should if they use a mail server (weasel* or such)
>if they don't scan mails for virues this is no good at all

You are welcome to your opinion.  I asked others to chime in.  ClamAV is
not the only virus/spam solution in the universe.  Others might be using
other solutions.

For example, Dan does not use ClamAV, but he has a very capable
multi-layers spam/virus solution in place.

>* and i know there are a numbers, i guess you too



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