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Dato: Fri, 13 Oct 2023 09:25:25 +1030
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Hi Steven,

On 12/10/23 06:37, Steven Levine wrote:
In <>, on 10/11/23
   at 06:45 PM, "Paul Smedley" <> said:

There was no announcement - afair - I built it just for Max  and it 
(apparently) worked  until clamav decided to stop generating updates 
for  it.
Perhaps you pointed Massimo to it in a PM?  IAC, once Massimo posted the
zip file it was easy to pull a copy.  I already had a copy of 0.102.0
pulled using the content of the exceptq report you posted.

I  honestly don't remember any more :)

I have no comments on clamscan from 0.102 -  given it can't refresh 
virus signatures  - I don't see the point of wasting any brain cycles on
Can't or won't.  I'm not that familar with ClamAV.

Both I think - at some point they claim to stop  supporting older version - perhaps there are differences  in the binary formats of the signatures?

FWIW, I spent some time with ClamAV here to see for myself how it fails.

clamscan 0.103.6 using the 0.102.0 signatures seems to run without errors
here.  Isn't it supposed to complain that the signatures are out of date
or is that just freshclam?
I would have expected it to at least *warn* that the signatures are out of date.
Freshclam 0.103.6 fails with an SSL issue here.  What .pem file is
freshclam looking for when it complains about:

  * error setting certificate verify locations:  CAfile:
/etc/ssl/cacert.pem CApath: none

If I create cacert.pem and make it read-only, the error changes to:

  ERROR: Download failed (77) ERROR:  Message: Problem with the SSL CA
cert (path? access rights?)

This will probably go away once I rebuild clamav 0.103.6 with rpm openssl.

Build is running now.



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