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Oggetto: how to force a cold reboot?
Data: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 21:14:02 +0100
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Hi all,

i remember in the past there were an utility on hobbes to do a cold reboot

what i'd need

sometimes apache or other "klibc programs" go into a situation were one child
or the program itself "zombify", so that it become unkillable
this issue exist since about 20 years... :)

my fault-daemon detect correctly this situation and do a reboot
with a setboot /b

what happens, the server freeze on "system is rebooting" and don't reboot

this is a very frustrating situation, since it happens allways when
you are sleeping, or when you are out of the office :D

any idea?

is still there a way to force a cold reboot of the server in such a painful situation?



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