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Emne: Re: [eCS-ISP] ClamAV - USE_MPOOL
Dato: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 17:14:41 -0800
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In <>, on 10/15/23
   at 05:45 PM, "Paul Smedley" <> said:

Hi Paul,

Is there a reason you are not building with USE_MPOOL?  Looking at:

void *mpool_malloc(struct MP *mp, size_t size)

and friends, the OS/2 code seems to be in place to support mpool using
DosAllocMem rather than mmap.  However, it looks like configure is missing
the code to allow OS/2 to enable mpool support.  Looking at

if test "$enable_mempool" = "yes"; then

configure will not allow enable_mempool because it assumes that OS/2 is
going to use mmap to implement the pool.

My debug results so far imply that we are running out of memory because of
heap fragmentation.  The mpool logic should go a long way to avoiding

The last freshclam test run ran out of memory at line 56725 of daily.idb.
Daily.ldb contains 245172 lines to be processed. tmp-daily.cld contains 25
files to be processed and  daily.ldb is file 15 of 25.  We are not even
close to the finish line with the current build.

BTW, when you get a moment, please commit your configure and build cmd
files to the repo.  They are a useful reference.



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