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Oggetto: Re: [eCS ISP] fttc and fiber datarates
Data: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 20:48:12 +0100
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Il 18/12/2019 21:17, Massimo S. ha scritto:
Hi all,

i've read a very long thread (eg. os2world) about datarates issues with modern
connections like fttc or (pure) fiber

here my connection is an FTTC 100Megabit/sec downstreaming and 20Megabit/sec upstreaming

my experience with AOS 5.0.x or eCS 2.x is mixed, some good darates, some very poor

which kind of connections do you have?
how is your experience with datarates?
any suggestion?



Hi again,

playing with stack ip parameters on a server (HP proliant ML etc.. with pentium 3,4Ghz dual core and 2GB ram, SSD) i've raised download datarates from 500KiloByte/sec to 1,8MegaBytes/sec

so i strongly suspect that the default values are no good for modern connections

any help?

Steven, any comment from you?
any suggestion?

moving from default values theese ones

keepalive 60
tcpswinsize 246723
tcprwinsize 246723
udpswinsize 246723
udprwinsize 246723
lingertime 60
ipforward 1
mtudiscover 1

downloads goes up from 500KiloBytes per second to 1,8MegaBytes per second
how can i improve more?

thanks a lot


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