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Emne: Re: [eCS-ISP] ClamAV - USE_MPOOL - clamscan OK!
Dato: Sun, 22 Oct 2023 19:50:30 +0200
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Il 20/10/2023 17:30, Steven Levine ha scritto:
In<>, on 10/20/23
    at 09:55 AM, "Massimo S."<>  said:

Hi Massimo,

Hi Steven,

i've upgraded clamAV to the build

but clamscan still hang my server 1
(running on bare metal Xeon 4 core, 2GB ram, raid1 SSD storage)

i've upgraded libc and libcx, rebooted the server
but it still freeze the machine so that i've to reboot it with the power button

of course i've tried also to remove SPE (the tool that reduce "the load" on the system")
but it always freeze the server early in the scan
server completely hang, even no mouse movement

all that the log produce is this:


luckily on the other server (mta2) clamscan give no problems at all
(mta2 runs on 1 core with 2GB ram and it's a VM under Vbox)

any idea?


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