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Asunto: Re: [eCS-ISP] ClamAV - USE_MPOOL - clamscan OK!
Fecha: Sun, 22 Oct 2023 14:14:21 -0800
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In <>, on 10/23/23
   at 06:13 AM, "Paul Smedley" <> said:

Hi Paul,

>Oops try

This build passed my limited test outside the debugger.

Running under the debugger, I get an odd hash compare failure in
cvd_verify when running under my libc debug setup.

The libc debug setup sets up BEGINLIBPATH and LIBPATHSTRICT to load a
version libcn0.dll with HLL debug data attached.  This allows for easier
libcn0 debugging.

The reason I wanted it here was because I was seeing intermittent realpath
failures and I wanted a better view of what realpath and
__libc_Back_fsPathResolve were doing.  Unfortunately the cvd_verify
failure prevent me from getting to the code I wanted  look at.

There are a number of reasons realpath might be failing.  One is that I
was omitting the drive letter from the configured paths.  This is fine as
long as nothing in the ClamAV code changes the current drive.   I'll have
to debug this without using LIBPATHSTRICT.


"Steven Levine" <>  Warp/DIY/BlueLion etc.

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