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Andy Willis  Z61M  3573   15-Jun-09  
Jon Harrison  Wireless vs. Cable settings  3791   22-Apr-08  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Welcome  1396   12-Apr-08  
Jon Harrison  Unimaint  2021   02-Jun-08  
Jon Harrison  uniaud32.sys v1.9.4 SVNr353 crashes  2782   18-May-08  
Carl Gehr  Re: Uniaud32 v1.9.8  4066   07-Oct-08  
Paul Smedley  Uniaud32 1.9.8 released  2770   30-Sep-08  
Jon  Thumbdrive problem w/ T61  3328   08-Jul-09  
Jan van Wijk  Thinkpad problem, possible replacement  3535   04-May-10  
Lewis G Rosenthal  ThinkPad BIOS simulators  2012   17-Apr-09  
John Poltorak  Thinkpad 600  3716   09-Jan-10  
Paul Smedley  Test build of uniaud16  1969   18-Apr-08  
Gerry Prosser  T61p with pre-installed Vista  3K   22-Nov-08  
Lothar Frommhold  T61p wireless confusion  2744   13-Jul-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  T61: OS2APIC.PSD - TRAP 006  1347   19-Apr-08  
Paul Smedley  T61 Uniaud Test  2146   14-Jun-09  
Jon Harrison  T61 peer connect  5705   11-Sep-08  
Lewis G Rosenthal  T61 Nvidia Quadro heat issue: how I fixed it  3215   22-Nov-10  
Jon  T61 dial up modem?  2784   13-Jun-10  
Jon  T61 dead battery  3020   05-Apr-10  
Peter Verweij  T61 and succes with ecs2.0 rc5 report (minor issues)  3667   02-Nov-08  
Carl Gehr  T60: Disconnect between xWLan and Router/AP  4210   15-May-09  
Neil Waldhauer  T60 runs pretty hot  2315   23-Jan-10  
Julian Thomas  T60 hangs in eCS boot  2253   16-Sep-10  
Paul Smedley  T60 arrived  1441   16-Apr-08  
Julian Thomas  T60 and sound?  2475   25-Aug-08  
Julian Thomas  T60 and RC5  1704   06-Sep-08  
Neil Waldhauer  T60 and eCS silver  2659   21-Nov-09  
Carl Gehr  T410: Lenovo's Thoughtful ThinkPad Is a Near-Perfect Machine  1470   17-Sep-10  
Lewis G Rosenthal  T400 issues (was: Re: [eCS T60/T61] subscribe)  4924   07-Oct-09  
Edgar  subscribe  2849   07-Oct-09  
Paul Smedley  Source for DVDRW for T60  1618   12-May-08  
Lewis G Rosenthal  SOT: T61 XP Pro & recovery partition images  1421   02-Sep-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  SOT: Has anyone installed eCS on a W-series machine as yet?  1441   02-Sep-09  
Jon Harrison  Solved - Re: T61 peer connect  2127   11-Sep-08  
Greg Jarvis  security chip  2059   24-Jul-08  
Greg Jarvis  security chip  2040   24-Jul-08  
Julian Thomas  Screen switch  1935   17-Nov-09  
Paul Smedley  Random Trap 008's with T60  2373   20-Dec-08  
Neil Waldhauer  Question about T60 models  2526   03-Nov-09  
Lothar Frommhold  question about installing OS/2 and Ubuntu on a T61p  2512   25-Jun-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Proposed Warpstock BOF session: Hacking the T60 & T61  898   19-May-08  
Julian Thomas  Progress Report (was Re: [eCS T60/T61] T60 and RC5  2321   13-Sep-08  
Jon Harrison  Problems connecting while 'on the road'  2450   28-Apr-08  
Jon Harrison  Peer problems  2637   05-Dec-08  
madodel  Panorama and DPMS  2278   02-Jun-08  
madodel  Out of curiosity, what IRQs are sharing with your sound chipset?  2494   31-May-08  
Lewis G Rosenthal  OT: TP600 PCMCIA (was: Re: [eCS T60/T61] IRQ's)  2818   02-Feb-10  
Lewis G Rosenthal  OT: T30 LCD repair (was: Re: [eCS T60/T61] T60 runs pretty hot)  2115   25-Jan-10  
Lewis G Rosenthal  OT: Re: [eCS T60/T61] Thinkpad 600 (was: [eCS T60/T61] Thinkpad 600)  3659   09-Jan-10  

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