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Subject: uniaud32.sys v1.9.4 SVNr353 crashes
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 22:17:26 -0700 (PDT)
To: "eCS ThinkPad T60/61 Mailing List" <>

I've not installed audio since purchasing my TP61.

Today I installed uniaud114rc2, substituting uniaud32.sys v1.9.4.
(debug version).

On bootup, after genmac wrapper loads I get a trap.

I see the uniaud driver load and the trap comes after mmpm/2 driver
is displayed, before SNAP loads.

Internal error @ ## 1800:05b5- 0003:05b5
65535, 9051

FAT32:FSH_ForcenoSwap on rgRQ segment failed, rc=8

the kernel is 14.104a_smp

I thought it odd that FAT32 is referenced, I commented out cache32
but did leave in the fat32.ifs.  I figure since it is an ifs it
loaded early on and was not a factor in the trap.

Other than removing the ifs, any suggestions?

I tried adding /C:ICH to the device driver line without any

Does this sound like a known problem with the tp61?

thanks, jon

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