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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] T60 Volume Control [Was: ACPI issues ]
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 19:08:18 -0400 (EDT)
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On Mon, 14 Apr 2008 17:53:58 -0400, Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

>Yes, that is his goal. I found that when I used the initial setting per
>Curtis, I was only enabling the left speaker (channel), so I added the
>rest. I then set the preferred volume. I currently have no hardware
>volume control except for mute; the up/down buttons have no effect, and
>I guess this is due to ACPI.

Ahh... This raises a whole new point that I'd never thought to mention

I have been getting volume control on my TPads, along with [supposedly]
and indication of the setup for the display device by using:
    "On Screen Display utility for most Thinkpad laptops"
It works off of the blue ThinkVantage button and the normal volume
control buttons.  I used it regularly with my A30p.  Of course, it
never worked on the T60 until the recent advances in UniAud.  The only
function that really seems to work now is the volume control.  But, it
does work!

More specifics...

>From Hobbes:

Hobbes Description:
Utility to display the current settings for several Thinkpad BIOS
related settings like: - Speaker volume and muting with audible
feedback - LCD brightness - Monitor selection VGA/LCD/DUAL Pops up a
small dialog at the bottom/center of the screen with the relevant info
any time one of the monitored values changes, usually due to the user
operating a special Thinkpad key. F1 with dialog up gives help and
usage information Includes sources and Openwatcom makefile

>From the ReadMe.Txt:
>Original program is by Serge Sterck (PMTPOSD.ZIP) in 2003
>with a simpler dialog and causing a shutdown hang ...
>Some of that work is based on information by JMA
>All updates to that so far by Jan van Wijk, Fsys Software
>Other useful information and feedback from:
>- Rainer Stroebel, user interface and functionality feedback
>- David Tholen, user interface feedback and activation
>- Marko Udvanc, with info on additional Thinkpad BIOS bytes
>- Christian Langanke for requesting the stealth startup
>I am sure I am missing a few here, if you feel
>you should be in this list, let me know :-)

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