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Subject: Out of curiosity, what IRQs are sharing with your sound chipset?
Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 22:21:05 -0400
To: eCS ThinkPad T60/61 Mailing List <>

On my T61 RMVIEW /IRQ shows:

  IRQ Level = 17  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       Intel 3945 a/b/g
  IRQ Level = 17  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = SHARED       HDA Intel
  IRQ Level = 17  PCI Pin =  B     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller

So the sound card (Intel  Device 284Bh 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller) is sharing IRQ 17 with the WiFi card (Intel 3945 a/b/g) and one of the USB controllers.  Could this be a possible cause of the hangs I've been experiencing?  Since I turned off animation I have had fewer hangs. I currently have UniAud 1.1.4 RC6 with Paul's uniaud16test2 and uniaud32-1.9.4.   Sound is not working for Z!, but is for system sounds and was for Flash (I haven't used Flash in a couple days since it seemed to hang when I tried to play a youtube SWF, but it did play these at once).


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