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Subject: Progress Report (was Re: [eCS T60/T61] T60 and RC5
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 16:35:36 -0400
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1. Sound works - at least sort of.  Something broke flash a week back and
I only got it going again today by rerunning flashinst.

At any rate, sound works from flash. z! or PLAY do not seem to work;
here's what z! gives for a .wav file:

mciRxGetErrorString(5006) = Hardware Error.

I get similar cuss msg from PLAY.

2. Shutdown throws a trap 0008 instead of shutting the machine off - this
happens about 90% of the time.

3. I can't create a shutdown folder.  Get an error msg
EComStation was not able to create the eShutdown folder on the desktop.
Most probably the WPS Class XFldShutdown was not properly installed.

How do I fix this?

4. Where do I get the network widget for the ecenter?

Thanks for all the help so far.

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