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Subject: T61p with pre-installed Vista
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 16:06:34 BST
To: "eCS ThinkPad T60/61 Mailing List" <>

Has anyone managed to get RC5 into one of these machines, and stay there?
I am close to giving up 8-(

- if I just shrink Vista and try to shoehorn RC5 into the freed space then
eCS complains about the partitioning and refuses to procede. (Ubuntu 8.04
also complained about geometry errors, but went ahead, installed and
worked fine. But Ubuntu 8.10, like eCS, both complains and refuses)

- wiping the Vista partitions and using eCS to repartition from scratch
allows RC5 to install and run. However, the MBR entries are created in
bizarre and varying orders (the Ubuntu boot partition should show as sda3
but more usually shows as sda1 or sda2).

- but then, how to get Vista back in ......

- if I try to install Vista from an upgrade disk (rather than Lenovo's
recovery disk) Vista says it cannot find an eligible drive and implies
that I can only make the C partition 'active' by letting it reinstate the
Itanium partioning

- so tried to fool it by installing XP first. That was ok, everything
still worked (well, it did the first time, but on the last attempt even
that nackered eCS). Then upgraded XP to Vista, and the RC5 installation
disk won't boot any more. So can't reinstate BootMgr. Installed BootIt
instead - that allowed eCS to start booting, but it soon traps the same.

The one occasion when I succeded in installing XP and eCS still ran, next
installing Ubuntu than caused whatever is getting nackered to get
nackered and thus killed eCS.

The only thing left that I can think of is to get a new hard drive (the
current one, at 100Gb, is too small anyway!) that is untarnished by
itanium partitioning, and start really from scratch.

Has anyone succeded ?

Gerry Prosser
tel: 023 8026 8942 / mobile: 07785 291052

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