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Assunto: 'Rapid Flashing' WiFi LED indicator on TPad T60
Data: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:49:42 -0500 (EST)
Para: "TPad T60/T61 Issues w/eCS MailList" <>

I sent the following a few days ago to the OS/2 Wireless list.  But,
only received one response.  IBM/Lenovo has replaced the WiFi card, but
the 'rapid flashing' has not stopped.

I have a TPad T60 with the integrated WiFi adapter described by PCI.Exe
> Vendor 8086h Intel Corporation
> Device 4227h PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

After the system has been running a while [no consistent time interval]
the WiFi indicator light on the panel under the screen will begin to
'flash' or 'beacon' at a very rapid rate of several times per second.

There is nothing consistent about the environment other than the
hardware.  I have seen this:
*  Connected to various different Access Points in different
*  With eCS V2.0 RC2
*  With Ubuntu Linux [V810]

it does not seem to actually be stopping the transmission of data.
And, usually, sliding the switch under the lower-left of the
keyboard OFF/ON will turn the light back on solid for some
indefinite period.  But, then it starts again after a while.

The connection between xWLAN and the adapter is failing more often.
And, now, turning the 'radio switch' OFF/ON has not actually turned
the light off.  It either keeps flashing or stays on solid with
the switch in the OFF position.  When this occurs, only a reboot,
and sometimes a power OFF/ON of the whole system is required to
make the WiFi operational again.

[REVISED]: Therefore, I attributed the problem to the hardware.  As
I mentioned the adapter has been replaced.  And, now, a new system
board has been ordered.  Presumably it will arrive to be installed
tomorrow.  I would just like to confirm if anyone else has seen
anything like this.  IBM/Lenovo has been trying the typical 'fix'
of "...reinstall the drivers to see if that changes anything..."
Obviously, if the 'flashing' occurs with Linux also, it is not
a software problem.


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