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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] Gigabit driver 8086 1049
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 07:21:55 -0600
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Curtis Fields wrote:
Chuck McKinnis wrote:
Curtis Fields wrote:
Chuck McKinnis wrote:
Works in WinXP. :)


What does XP export to the registry for your gige,  10/100/1000MM, Device 1049h 82566MM.  I still can't get this puppy working.  No problems w/ the wireless but still get the

netstat -r

Interface 0  Ethernet-Csmacd
physical address    000000000000      MTU 1500

Wonder if XP is doing something special to handle it..


I just switched from wifi to wired.  I keep protocol.ini files around to do it.  It is running fine at 100 mbps (all my router supports).

Go to the BIOS

Does the BIOS Setup Utility screen show MAC Address (Internal LAN) as a normal MAC address at the bottom of the page?  If not,

-> Config -> Network -> Ethernet LAN Option ROM -> Enabled

BIOS Setup...  MAC Address (Internal LAN) 00 1C 25 74 79 97, Ethernet LAN Option ROM - Enabled

Set those from your usenet posts..  Still the driver doesn't present the local MAC to the network... Just the 000000000000...  Must be something else I am missing.  When you get a chance, could you see if WinBlows has exported something specific to the registry... Maybe if I copy it into the \IBMCOM\MACS\regAdd.txt.  Have OpenSUSE and eCs on this system...  And my bootable CD  XP-SP2 doesn't have the drivers for the SATA HDD.

Specific model (nnnn-xxx)?  You probably posted it, but I have forgotten.

Does SUSE drive it without any problem?

What shows up in a pci listing (\ecs\install\detectei\pci > pci_list.txt)?

What does \ecs\system\genmac\driver\wrnd32.log show?

What does \ibmcom\lantran.log show?

Listing of \ecs\system\genmac\driver\wrapper_8086_1049?

Chuck McKinnis

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