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Subject: Re: [eCS T60/T61] 'Rapid Flashing' WiFi LED indicator on TPad T60
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 22:52:45 +0100 (CET)
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Hello Carl,

>Except for possibly one time, I do not recall the 'flashing'
>problem after the system has been idle for a while.  When it does
>appear, it's usually after I've been using it for a while.  One
>possible clue that just occurred to me:  When the system has been
>idle, the air near the back left vents is usually cool.  Right now,
>with the flashing having happened [and switched OFF/ON to get back
>to a solid light] a few minutes ago, the air coming from the vent
>is actually quite warm.  Two points this makes to me [not a h/w
>1)  The fan is actually working.
>2)  It could be an overheating problem.
I like to add a possible culprit to the mix, that could also explain
the overheating. From time to time my TPad R60 gets really hot and I begun
using a utility (cpuspeed 1.4) to throttle down my CPU. Judging from the
output of this utility I see that my CPU after some time is running at
100% and the program is not able to trottle the CPU down anymore, heavy
IRQ load.

I tested different versions of ACPI this weekend, with version 3.13
my WIFI led was flashing a lot and I also lost my connection. With
version 3.11 my WIFI led isn't flashing, but from time to time I still
have my CPU at 100%.

What version of ACPI are you using? (bldlevel \os2\dll\acpi32.dll will
tell you the version).

Kind regards,

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