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Subject: ThinkPad BIOS simulators
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:51:39 -0400
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Greetings/2, all...

While deciphering an apparent dead CMOS battery issue on an model unrelated to this list (T30), I came across the BIOS simulators on the Lenovo support site. The index of available Flash simulators (and text, as well) is located here:

The T60/p (includes both models, I believe, as there isn't a separate listing for each) works under my patched (hacked) Flash 7 plugin in SeaMonkey. The T61 simulator appears to require a newer Flash build (I get a blank simulated screen; I just tried it under a Citrix session running FF2 with Flash 9, and it displayed and behaved normally).

Anyway, I thought this link worthy of passing along. It surely makes it easier to walk someone through BIOS settings when you can *see* what the other person *should* be seeing.


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