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Subject: Question about T60 models
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 07:37:21 -0800

Hi Everybody. I finally joined this list because I'm going to buy a T60 and see
what it's like. I'd like some advice about which T60 to select.

First, there is the question of the display adapter. I see that the T60 comes
with four possible adapters, the Intel 950, ATI X1300, ATI X1400 and ATI Fire
GL. I know from previous experience that the Intel 950 runs under SNAP really
well, and the ATI FireGL really poorly. I am guessing that the ATI X1300 and
X1400 are pretty poor, too. Is that right?

So my question -- can I expect to get USB and sound to work properly? Do the
net cards work as expected?

If there is a FAQ or an archive for this group, please let me know.

I will let you know how it goes once I get my T60.

Neil Waldhauer,

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