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Subject: T60 and eCS silver
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 09:23:41 -0800

I've got my T60 now, a 1953-D6U, and I've installed eCS silver on it. I'm
pretty happy with how things went, but there are a few things that don't work,
so I'll ask about them.

1. System sounds don't work right. There is a half-second pause where the
machine is unresponsive, then the sound plays from the middle or so. Youtube
and other sound works just fine. I've tried UniAud rc6 that came with silver,
and Paul's Uniaud 1.9.19 and 1.9.22.

2. I don't understand how APM works under Silver. I think it just failed to
install. In any case, no suspend/resume, not even power-off on lid close. I
read Chuck's post about APM, Silver and the SMP kernel, and I've realized that
I don't know enough about the topic.

Still, the list of things that do work is impressive. USB, most sound, wired,
wireless, display. I'm planning to upgrade the hard drive to something a little
larger and I need a new battery.
Neil Waldhauer,

The only shortage we really face is the shortage of imagination.

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