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Subject: Thinkpad problem, possible replacement
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 20:55:24 +0200 (DST)
To: "Lewis T60/61 forum" <>

Hi all.

Not 100% T60/61 related, but still somewhat so I think I can get away with it :-)

I am using a T60P mainly for embedded-system development (must use Windows).
It has eCS installed too, but that is rarely used ...

Then I have a T42P that has been serving me really well for over 5 years.
However, it seems it is developing some hardare related problems lately:

 - A few weeks ago, it would NOT boot at all with anything in the Ultrabay
   This behaviour went away all by itself, after a few days ...

 - Since three days ago, the system will NOT boot after a complete shutdown,
   UNLESS I take the battery out, and unplug the mains adapter for a minute or so.
   It has no problems doing a warm-boot however ...

This all sounds like some power-supply/regulator issue, with some electronics
not getting reset properly, but I'm afraid it would be real hard to find WHAT ...

So first of all, any bright ideas about this problem, a deja-vu experience perhaps ?

Secondly, I may need to replace the machine with something newer, and of
course I would prefer a Thinkpad again, and something fairly modern (fast :-)

I see two ways to do that:

1) Buy a bleeding-edge Thinkpad, with Windows-7 Pro, with a 1680x1050 or
even 1920x1200 screen and start using that for the Windows stuff, and use
the T60P for eCS (should work quite well).

Disadvantage is that I would need to re-install quite a few development environmenst
over from the T60P to the new machine (probably a T500 or so) taking a lot of time.

2) Get the fastest thinkpad known to work 'well enough' with eCS, and start using that.
Well enough meaning having network connectivity, when possible wireless,
and having a usable (high) screen resolution.
If the best I could woudl be a T60 or similar, I would likely go back to option 1 ...

So my question is, any experiences with the newer machines like the T500 ?
Restrictions ?

What I found out myself sofar is that Panorama should work reasonably well,
perhaps not blazingly fast, but I don't need it for movies or games, so that is OK.
Question is if the "Wide Screen" enabler for Panaroma works with it ...

A bigger problems could be the wireless, that may be too new for Genmac ...

Ditching it for an older one (Like the Intel 2200) may make it difficult for the
Windows on the same machine, which I would like to keep functional ...

Any comment on the issues very much appreciated !


I will start with a good working backup of my eCS environment on the T60P
in any case, just in case the T42P experiences a sudden death :-)

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